SpotifLy provides a solution to geographically locate, track and image animals within their natural habitat and game reserves. Using our mobile app, you can categorically list and view the known locations of any animal, from any historical record up to the latest known GPS co-ordinates.

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Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV's), also known as drones, are aircraft which fly autonomously following a route of pre programmed data and criteria. Our drones are generally launched at first light and can achieve flight times of around 2-4 hours.

Programmed to fly our pre-defined path, our drones intelligently photograph any known animal or object that they identify along their route. Along with the photograph; date, time and GPS co-ordinates are recorded and then automatically uploaded to our cloud based servers for instant accessibility.

The SpotifLy app, available for phones and tablets, has access to our entire cloud server based database. This enables app users to view or track any of our recorded animals by GPS location, photo or by any other data set held by our servers.


Spotifly is the brainchild of a reverse engineering company based in Johannesburg, South Africa called Adam Engineering. The company has been in the forefront of new ideas and solutions the world over. Adam Engineering is about finding technologically advanced solutions for any possible problem. Their motto is "Send us the hard work and we will succeed where others have failed!"

  • FAQ

Why does the Rhino and Elephant icon show N/A

After careful consideration and understanding, we decided not to locate, snapshot or track endangered or poached animals, which include the Rhino and Elephant. By taking this stance, we do not condone or support the use of our software or hardware by any person's with an ill intent of poaching or in fact, any other illegitimate intentions.

The SACAA has banned UAV/UAS/drones with cameras

Since we are a South African based organization, we would have loved for this technology to be used in here first. However, if the SACAA is not compiled the necessary research to allow these harmless types of technology, we have no other choice but to supply outside of South Africa. We will maintain this view until such time as the SACAA deem is product acceptable.

Who else besides South African nature and game reserves would find this technology useful?

We have already been contacted by nature reserves and national parks in the USA, ASIA and even other AFRICAN states. Some of these bodies are currently testing the solution for not only animal detection but other forms of object tracking.

Where is the innovation? Drones are available

The innovation is part in the drone but mostly in the intelligence and how we use the drone to achieve our end goal.

1. Our drones can achieve a flight time of around 4 hours with our imaging technology, in the market there little to none that is commercially available that can achieve this.

2. Our imaging technology has the ability to identify an object, take a snap shot of that object adding a label to it with the GPS location, date and time of where it was identified and then upload it to a cloud server where a mobile application can then be used to view the GPS location, time, date and objects that were identified.